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Wellness Interview: 20 Questions with Super Fit Isilda Da Costa

Wellness Interview: 20 Questions with Super Fit Isilda Da Costa

Riddhi Bhattacharya

Hey there,
I am Riddhi Bhattacharya, a student, freelance blogger and writer and editor at The Teen Pop Magazine. My passion resides in etching down feelings of my heart and notions of my mind – conveying them to the world with my speeches, debates, articles and blog posts.

Today, I am in conversation with the super fit and inspiring, Isilda Da Costa!

Isilda Da Costa is Founding manager at The Health shop and Fitness instructor and PT at The Wellness Revolution and Online holistic health coach specializing in Auto-immune disease. Isilda has always had a passion for the health and wellness industry, and as the years have passed, has ventured into different avenues of the industry. She has been named the brand ambassador for Youthful Living, worked with Australian fitness apps in developing diet plans, worked with Sihlangu soccer team, led fitness event classes and demonstrations in South Africa, and qualified for the African Arnold sports show.

She had an autoimmune disease at 6 and was diagnosed at 15, and she knew there was more to life than illness. From there she explored different ways of eating, exercising and natural healing modalities which have led her to start The Health Shop. She acknowledges how she can never know enough and has over 20 certifications in health and fitness. She is always open to trying new healing modalities and will never stop being eager to learn.

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Let us what you think about Isilda’s inspiring life and lifestyle in the comments below! If you would also like to interview any influencer or celebrity, let us know too, and we will her right on it!

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