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Feminism Interview: 20 Questions with Strong Hiba Zaidi

Feminism Interview: 20 Questions with Strong Hiba Zaidi

Fatima Mazumdar

Hi everyone, I am Fatima Mazumdar. I am a dedicated and hardworking rising sophomore at Hunter College, where I hope to pursue a career in medicine. My interests in the pre-health track peaked after I visited a hospital in Bangladesh where I noticed the stark difference between developed nations and developing countries. I have participated in numerous protests and walkouts relating to environmental and social issues. I also enjoy cooking and learning about different cultures and creating engaging videos with her friends and family. I am a very goal-oriented and ambitious individual and aspire to use my unique skills to make a difference in the world. 

Today I am going to be in conversation with Hiba Zaidi

Hiba Zaidi is a senior in high school. Her interests include Political Science, Economics, and Sociology. She has a strong academic background and has won numerous accolades for Academic Excellence as well as Public Speaking and Writing. She is an active member of Model UN conferences and has volunteered at various organizations, and hopes to make the world a better place, one piece at a time. When she isn’t reading, Hiba spends time with family or friends and enjoys baking. She is a well-rounded individual who lives with passion and dedication and possesses the drive to succeed. 

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Ways to Reach Hiba Zaidi

 Ways to Reach Fatima Mazumdar 

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