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Fashion Interview: 20 Questions with Gorgeous Adrija Mukherjee

Fashion Interview: 20 Questions with Gorgeous Adrija Mukherjee

Riddhi Bhattacharya

Hello Reader, 

I am Riddhi Bhattacharya, a student, freelance blogger and writer and editor at The Teen Pop Magazine. My passion resides in etching down feelings of my heart and notions of my mind – conveying them to the world with my speeches, debates, articles and blog posts. 

Today, I am in conversation with the gorgeous and talented Adrija Mukherjee! 

 Adrija Mukherjee is a high school senior currently pursuing arts with a soft spot for fashion, styling outfits and makeup. As an influencer her utmost priority is to mould people’s mindsets such that no matter what they choose to wear or they portray themselves as – they stay bold and confident! She loves experimenting with outfits and makeup and trending, creative forms of styling. She is also equally into sports but on lazy days binges watch Netflix and get an entire week worth’s sleep.;) 

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