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Fashion Interview: 20 Questions with Beautiful Shubhangi Rastogi

Fashion Interview: 20 Questions with Beautiful Shubhangi Rastogi

Babtunde Olasupo

Hi everyone, I am Babatunde Olasupo. I am currently a Freshman at the University of South Carolina who Majors in Economics and planning to enter a business school. I dabble in the Knowledge of the Stock exchange as I plan to trade in the future. As of now, I work as an office assistant at a logistics firm in Texas. I love books as if it’s a part of my soul which has given me the motivation to write one. 

Today, I am in Conversation with Professional Model, Shubhangi Rastogi! 

Shubhangi Rastogi 

Shubhangi Rastogi is a final year student in Indian Institute of Crafts and Design. Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Photography have always topped her list of hobbies and interests ever since. 

She has been an active and enthusiastic leader in various inter-disciplinary and extracurricular activities. Always eager to learn new skills, Shubhangi has worked closely with many fashion designers, artists, non-profit organisations, craft communities and as well as her peer group, in order to take a step closer to her belief in endless learning. She also likes to read and paint in her leisure time. She is a kind, who enjoys and acknowledges the constant cycle of learning, criticism and improvement, and is dedicated to achieving new heights in her career. 

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