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BLM Interview with Confident and Opinionated 13-Year-old Achala Rai

BLM Interview with Confident and Opinionated 13-Year-old Achala Rai

Sarim Hamid

I am Sarim Hamid, a student and Editor with The Teen Pop Magazine! I have a passion for Technology and its reaches, trying a hand at Table Tennis every now and then and crawling into my duvet to read and flip over the old yet mystical pages of Harry Potter. 

Today I am in Conversation with Young BLM Activist Achala Rai! 

Achala Rai is a girl you’ll find sitting in the corner of the classroom daydreaming about a perfect life when her life is the total opposite. She has been depressed and has always tried to hide it but she eventually overcame it by writing, reading, drawing, makeup, singing and dancing. 

She always tries new eye makeups, products and has a happy-go-lucky all the time. Achala wants to change the world by wanting everyone to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights she has no power alone but she has hope to change the world. End of the day she is just another teenager trying to figure out life and make the best of it and hopefully make a change along the path. 

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