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5 Important Things Our Generation Needs To Hear

5 Important Things Our Generation Needs To Hear

Abiramee Kathirgamanathan

You’re the leaders of tomorrow, the citizens of this Generation is what people like to say to inspire us. As the leaders of tomorrow, we need to keep a few values and ideas in mind when partaking in societal discussions and activities. Here’s an opinionated list of 5 important things our current generation needs to hear. 

1. “Anti-racist” not “Not Racist” 


In a recent TED talk ‘Ibram X’. Kendi explains how many people often encourage racism by denying it and by saying that “I’m not racist”. He further goes to say that we’re either racist or anti-racist. We’re either taking part and encouraging that certain racial groups are better/worse than others or we’re stepping up and encouraging notions that say that all racial groups are equal. 

He says that the beginning of being anti-racist is to realize and acknowledge when you are racist and fix it. If our generation keeps this in mind when making important decisions and simply interacting with people, a major change will be created in our world. Find out how our generation use platforms like TikTok to voice their opinions about racism. 

2. Feminism is for Everybody 


I hate that I need to explain this because it really shouldn’t be something that needs an explanation. I’ve heard people say that feminism is for women who think they are superior to men. This irritates me because that is not and should not be the interpretation of feminism. Feminism has always been, and will always be the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. 

The goal of feminism is to make sure that all sexes are treated equally & ensuring that no one is seen as superior to another. Equal representation of all sexes in different organizations is the one key way that gender equality can be attained by our generation and the generation following. And, to anyone who thinks that feminism only needs to be advocated by women, you are wrong! I agree women should be the ones taking the lead in their own battle but they shouldn’t be the only people fighting it! 

3. Respecting People’s Identifications 

Many of us have been taught about only two genders – male and female. Through stereotypes and societal views, anything that goes against this is seen as wrong. However, our generation needs to start respecting everyone and teach the younger generations to do likewise. Through small actions and fixing small mistakes, this can be achieved. 

For example, in Physical Education, there are times when we need to choose teams to play a game. Instead of going with the classic boys vs. girls, try to use birth months to divide teams. This proves to our younger generations that we are respectful and are accepting. As knowledgable as you may be about respecting people’s identifications no goods created if you put that knowledge to waste. If you don’t contribute to creating a better world, don’t expect to magically wake up one day to find one. 

4. The Importance of Kindness and Peace 


One of the most underrated things, in my opinion, is the feeling of joy you receive when you help someone genuinely. In a world where almost everything runs on technology, we need to remember to help others in whatever way that we can and to display even small acts of kindness when possible. Kindness doesn’t end at people as showing kindness to Mother Earth whom we depend on for survival and animals which have an equal share of the planet. 

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Kindness in the form of protecting them both benefits us all and the future generations to come. A sibling to greatness, peace is one of the greatest powers one can possess. Many of us know the impacts of war and what destruction it causes. The only power strong enough to defeat it is peace. If we create governments that have these two things as important principles, then only can we say that we are in great hands. 

5. Patience 

Be patient when things don’t go your way. Be patient when everything feels like it’s falling apart. Be patient even when you don’t want to be. Not everything needs to go your way and not everything will. Trust yourself that things will get better and merely that will give you a sense of happiness. We live in a world where things need to go our way or else we get angry. 

We live in a world that believes in instant gratification and letting go of that mentality will do wonders for our happiness and well being. Especially in such times where sometimes we feel like there will never be light, it’s important to practice patience and learn to wait for better things to occur. 

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