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L-R: Miguel Fasa (with Michelle Kirk Media and PMA Records), Taylor Castro (with Michelle Kirk Media and PMA Records), Carson Rowland (with Michelle Kirk Media and PMA Records), Mystery Rose (with Michelle Kirk Media), Riti Singh and Roshni Desai from STTM(TTP Artist), Sofia Gillani (with Valley Sound Music Records), Sreeja Paul(TTP Artist) and Pakhi Singhal (TTP Artist)


How often should I write articles and how are the deadlines like?

The Teen Pop Magazine does not believe in deadlines and a certain frequency involved in writing articles! Feel free to always log in to your account and submit your articles. No fixed deadlines, no set frequencies, just you and your words!

How do I register myself as a writer?

We are excited to hear you wanted to volunteer with us and we can’t wait for you to get onboard.

There are 7 article categories that writers can make submissions to:

  1. Beauty
  2. Celebrity and Culture
  3. Wellness
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Activism (Feminism, Pride, BLM)
  6. Op-Ed (Heroism, Nationalism and Patriotism, Science & Technology)
  7. 6. Literary (Poems, Proses & Short Stories)
  8. DIY (Art, Cooking, Quarantine Specials, Fashion)

In order to continue your journey with us, please fill this form:

How should I submit an article?

To submit an article:

  1. Login to your account:
    If you are an existing writer, you should have the credentials by now. If you would like to register as a writer please fill this form:
  2. Once you log in and have to access to your dashboard, click on Posts
  3.  Click on and create a new post.
  4. Here you can write or paste your work, add categories, tags and then submit for review.

If you require any assistance you can reach out to us on our social media platforms or email

When will I know my article is scheduled?

There are two ways to know this:

  1. An editor will reach out to you via email with a scheduled date within 24 hours of your submission.
  2. You can log in to your account:
    1. Once you have accessed your dashboard, click on Posts, then click on Mine. You will see your article(s) here.
    2. There will be a score on the right-hand side x/100. The value of x determines how much your article is edited and how much is left.  100/100 means editing process is now complete.
    3. You will also see a date under the scheduled column that indicates when your article will be scheduled.

Will I receive feedback for my article(s)?

At The Teen Pop, we not only believe in building your writing portfolio but also enhancing and enriching your writing capabilities. Feedback will be sent to you by an editor when the scheduled date is sent.

What should I do in the Google Sheets that was sent to me?

In the sheets, please open it live and do not download it. If you are using your phone to fill, we suggest downloading the Sheets app and then proceeding to open it. Navigate to your name in the sheet, enter your article name, description and deadline. We suggest you enter the article details whenever you are writing a new article. You can simply delete the old details and enter the new ones. Kindly also add your social media links in the appropriate columns.

I would like to be interviewed by The Teen Pop Magazine

Please note we usually interview from these categories:

  1. Fashion
  2. Feminism
  3. BLM
  4. Writing
  5. Wellness
  6. Singing
  7. Music
  8. Dancing
  9. Cooking
  10. Designing
  11. Blogging
  12. Books and Reading
  13. Travel
  14. Surfer
  15. Sports
  16. Dog
  17. Radio Jockey
  18. Film Making/ Directing
  19. Acting
  20. If you would like to be interviewed please send a brief description of yourself and why you would like to be interviewed at riddhibhattacharya@

If you fall under any of the first 19 categories please fill this form to get started:

I am from a NGO and I'd like to join The Grow with The Teen Pop Campaign.

Please fill our form and one of our Grow with The Teen Pop members will get back to you shortly!


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